10 Best Websites to Find Co-founders for Startups


FoundersNation provides a very simple search tool for finding your co-founder or for checking out people who want to be co-founders and are looking for an opportunity to arise. It’s basically a very simple platform. Logging in can be done via Facebook[7] and that allows the people viewing your profile to know that you are a real person. You can search for co-founders from a particular location with specific skill sets using the platform’s search tool.


For someone with very little technical know-how, this is the place to be looking for your co-founder. CodeArmy will teach you how to build your product in a few weeks and launch it. All you have to do is pitch your idea[8], get linked to the most appropriate Chief Technology Officer (CTO) whom you will work alongside. Build your product under the guidance of the CTO then launch. You can also browse through all the ideas from other founders on CodeArmy and find one that fits your skill sets, and personality then dive right in as a co-founder.

Lead Candy is one of the most revolutionary ways to get connections with entrepreneurs, marketers, developers, co-founders and partners today. It bridges the distance between your social media accounts and has all your connections in one portal. You can search the platform for any type of professional you want to link to and get in touch with them in a minute. When you search for a developer on the platform, for example, what happens is that you get several results and whichever name you choose depending on your location and their location, the Lead Candy tool analyzes your social media connections and theirs as well. It will come up with someone you know that knows someone who knows the developer you are interested in. Lead Candy searches your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter[9], LinkedIn and Google Plus to find someone whom you and the partner you are interested in know in common. That common person between both of you will then be contacted to connect both of you. A very solid way of making sure you know who you know and how in order to make a solid interaction when you meet them. Definitely good enough to find your co-founder.

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